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Frequently Asked Questions

Company Profiles and Conferences receives numerous calls and letters from customers across the globe, having questions about how to access the services we offer. This section provides answers to many questions asked by customers.


1.1 Who is Company Profiles and Conferences ?
1.2 Why use Companyprofilesandconferences.com?
1.3 How do I use Companyprofilesandconferences.com ?
1.4 How can I contact customer service ?
Privacy and Using Our Shopping Cart
2.1 What information is collected about me?
2.2 How is my privacy protected?
2.3 How do I add an item to my Shopping Cart?
2.4 How do I access my Shopping Cart?
Registration & Accounts
3.1 How and why do I register?
3.2 I forgot my password. What do I do?
About the company profiles
4.1 What types of research and company profiles do you have?
4.2 Who produces the company profiles?
4.3 How are company profiles priced?
4.4 Do you offer discounts?
Ordering & Delivery
5.1 How do I order?
5.2 What types of payment are accepted?
5.3 What is ‘Enquire before Buying’?
5.4 What are the shipping charges?
5.5 What are the different License types and their use?
5.6 How soon will the Order be delivered?
5.7 How about your Return Policy?

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